Snapsexchat Review


Snapsexchat is older than most similar dating sites, but it doesn’t mean it’s outdated. Its software is constantly upgrading to ensure the best experience for every user. And they’re doing a good job.

7 Facts About Snapsexchat

  • affordable (almost free) trial plans
  • great performance on desktop and mobile phones
  • 100% safe (valid SSL certificate, customer support, etc.)
  • focused on casual online dating
  • you can create a profile video
  • created in the USA, by USA people for USA people
  • location-based search helps to find people near you quickly

About Snapsexchat

Snapsexchat was created in 2018, and it’s 3 years old now. That might make it seem young compared to some other dating sites, and it is younger than a lot, but… If you compare Snapsexchat to other chat dating sites focused on casual dating and naughty chatting, you realize it’s older than most.

In 3 years, Snapsexchat helped thousands of US singles get dates or have a lot of fun online with other naughty members. Singles easily accepted it because it was created in the USA by USA natives, a sign the dating site is safe.

Member Structure
Snapsexchat Member Structure

Snapsexchat members are mostly Americans looking for casual sex. Some want to keep everything online, just sexting and to exchange naughty photos and videos. Some are balder, so they meet in person and hook up with singles from Snapsexchat. It’s not uncommon for members who meet on chat to start a real relationship after the first date. But, if you’re like the most members on this dating site, you’ll look for more casual hookups.

There are more women than men on the site so that every man can find potential partners. Girls, on the other hand, have to compete with the same men more often.

How do I join Snapsexchat?

How to join Snapsexchat

If you’ve joined any social media or dating site ever before, you’ll feel like you know exactly what to do while joining Snapsexchat. And you’ll be right. The registration process is so simple it shouldn’t even be a part of the review. All you have to do is:

  • mark who you are looking for and your gender - woman looking for woman, man looking for woman, etc.
  • select your age - you have to be over 18 to join, the upper limit doesn’t exist, but most members are under 45
  • enter your email
  • enter your password
  • enter your location - so you can search for members close to you because that increases your chances to meet in person soon

When you’re done, hit the “Join now” button, and in a second, you’ll be a legit Snapsexchat user. Verification isn’t needed, so you can start looking for potential matches right away. The whole registration process will take you approximately 1 minute.


Quick registration and great design are always good signs for the usability of a dating site. Snapsexchat won’t prepare any unpleasant surprises for you. You’ll register and use the site with ease.

Profile Creation
Snapsexchat Profile Creation

The most important thing on your profile is your profile photo. Anybody can see it, so it’s a great way to attract attention and start the party in your chat. Experts’ advice is to use natural photos that show who you are to avoid shocks on the first date. Other than your photo, your description plays a great role. Write it carefully, let other members know who you are looking for. You can also mark your body type, hair color, etc., to help other members find you.

Searching and Matchmaking

Since we’re talking about searching, you have to know that searching on Snapsexchat is as simple as everything else on this dating site. Most members start with the manual search, and they look for people near them; you should do the same. That will give you a good insight into the online dating community in your area.

The matchmaking algorithm is regularly updated. After a while, you’ll notice that every user the site shows you look like your perfect match. That’ll happen because the algorithm will use your “Favorite” members to help you find your ideal partner.

Contacting Other Members

Contacting other members on Snapsexchat won’t be a problem, even if you decide to be a free user. Free users can send 5 free messages to anybody on this dating site, so making contact isn’t where the problem is. Maintaining that contact is the problem for free members. Premium members don’t have to worry about ever running out of replies because every premium user unlocks unlimited chat (other premium features will be listed in this review). Premium members can have real fun on chat because they can send photos and videos. And yes, of course, they can receive naughty photos and videos as well.

Pros and Cons
  • some members want to keep everything online
  • not so good for you if you seek a serious relationship
  • there are some fake profiles on the app
  • easy to register and use
  • great for naughty online chatting
  • amazing for you if you seek casual hookups
Pricing Plans

As you already know, Snapsexchat has free and paid services. Right after you finish creating your profile, you’ll use the site as a free member. Limitations will probably make you get one of the affordable trials. And you won’t regret it.

Free services
Snapsexchat offers similar free services as other best chat sites. As a free member of Snapsexchat, you can browse other members' profiles, but you can’t see their photos in full-size or the “Looking For” section of their profiles. You can send 5 free messages and add anybody to “Favorites”, so you can find them again easily.
Paid services
Paid services are called a premium for a reason. With a premium membership, you’ll feel like the whole online dating world is yours. You’ll send and receive hot photos on chat all the time because there is no limit on the number of messages for premium members. You’ll be able to gaze into full-size photos of your potential matches and much more.
Payment Methods

You can pay for membership and 1 or 7-day trials on Snapsexchat only using your credit card.

Expert’s Conclusion

I was suspicious about Snapsexchat before trying it. After joining, I realized that every bad review comes from either some bitter singles which failed to get dates on this dating site or some competition sites. I had no problems on the site, no unwanted charges on my card, and no bad experiences whatsoever. Chatting is smooth, and searching for matches is simple. Yes, you’ll see a fake profile now and then, but that’s the case on every dating site in the world. Just block them, and continue having fun with real members.

Can I Send Messages at Snapsexchat for FREE?

Yes, but no. You can send up to 5 free messages, which isn’t enough to keep the conversation alive.

How to Pass Snapsexchat Photo Verification?

You’re allowed to send whatever kind of photo or video in chat, but your profile photo can’t be explicit.

How to Block Someone on

You can block anybody on Snapsexchat by visiting their profile, clicking on 3 dots, and then “Block”.

This review showed that Snapsexchat is a legit site where you can get dates and have fun on chat.

Dr. Diana Kirschner
Dr. Diana Kirschner
PBS Love Expert, Psychologist and Bestselling Author, Dr. Diana Kirschner, stars in the Amazon Special, Love in 90 Days.
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