OneNightFriend Review


OneNightFriend is a casual site that doesn’t promise love, marriages, children, or “happily ever after” to their members. They promise “happily until the next morning”, and according to more than one review, they deliver big time.

7 Facts About OneNightFriend

  • great for meeting flirty singles
  • focused on casual dating, but sometimes members start serious relationships
  • sending videos in chat secures hours of fun
  • 600,000 members in the USA
  • the community seems inactive (20,000 daily logins), but most members still get dates
  • easy to use
  • great for the ladies

About OneNightFriend

Blue Vision, the company with headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria is responsible for the site and its data management. They’ve proved to be a legitimate company focused on online dating. OneNightFriend is one of their biggest sites. Hundreds of members start chatting on their platforms every hour. Thanks to the clever matchmaking solution, members first see singles in their 60 miles radius. Meeting in person and hooking up is much easier and quicker that way. Only an experienced company with a professional team could come up with a solution like that. Thanks to the reputation OneNightFriend grew through the years its member structure is flourishing. Read a short review about it below.

Member Structure
OneNightFriend Member Structure

At the moment ladies will like the gender ratio more than men, there are 3 men for every lady on the site (on average). But don’t let the numbers destroy your hope because there are more than 600,000 OneNightFriend members in the USA, some of them are certainly in your area. Some of them are certainly your age too, especially if you’re between 24-34 or over 55. Singles of all ages register to this dating site to have casual chat and fun, and all of them find it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t return for more.

How do I join OneNightFriend?

How to join OneNightFriend

Joining OneNightFriend is so simple you don’t even need the instructions from this review, but read them to avoid any confusion while registering. First of all, you have to visit the OneNightFriend home page. A beautiful, natural girl will steal your attention. It’ll take you a while to notice the “registration box”, it’s ok, she really is beautiful.

This is the info you’ll have to enter while registering to OneNightFriend:

  • who are you looking for and your gender (a man looking for a woman, a woman looking for a man, and so on)
  • your age (to confirm you’re over 18 and to make matchmaking more precise. Advice: don’t lie about your age)
  • your email (needed for verification after you finish your profile)
  • your password
  • location (default location will probably be correct, but check it because the matchmaking algorithm will show people near you first)

Click “Join now” when you enter all the needed data. Go check your email after a minute or two and follow the link from a verification email sent by your new dating site. Seconds after you’ll become a free OneNightFriend member.


If registration and verification sound simple to you, you’ll love this whole dating site. OneNightFriend is created to make casual dating simple. That’s why it doesn’t have to look like some prestigious site that doesn’t deliver in the end. OneNightFriend’s efficiency and usability are much more important.

Profile Creation
OneNightFriend Profile Creation

When you verify your account you’ll proceed to create your profile. If you haven’t been a dating site user before that might seem like a lot of work, but OneNightFriend won't torture you with 100 questions. You don’t have to upload your photo or fill in any info on your profile, that’s how easy it is to use this dating site. Still, our advice is to upload a nice photo and use all the available space to describe yourselves. You won’t get a lot of space, but you’ll still have enough to let other members know who you are.

Searching and Matchmaking
OneNightFriend Searching and Matchmaking

As mentioned earlier in this review, OneNightFriend has a special matchmaking algorithm that focuses only on members who are within your 60 miles radius. That’s logical when you know the goal of this dating site is to connect singles who want to hook up quickly.

It would make no point to show you somebody 5 states away if you want to go on a date immediately. That’s why you’ll like matchmaking in the “Like Gallery”, everybody you like will be close to you, and ready for action. Not all of them will be ready for action with you, but some will, you need only one per night anyway.

Contacting Other Members

After finding somebody attractive in the “Like Gallery” or with manual search (you can search for members who aren’t close to you and use numerous filters), send them a message. Waiting for a hot single to respond to your first message is a special feeling. Sadly, if you decide to stay a free user, you’ll experience that feeling only 5 times. That’s how many messages you can send. You can send unlimited winks, but you can’t reply in chat as a free user. Premium users, even those who got a cheap trial membership, unlock unlimited chat with photos and videos. That’s when the real fun begins on OneNightFriend.

Pros and Cons
  • amazing usability and simple design
  • contacting other members is easy
  • singles start dating quickly and don’t look for anything serious
  • more men than women on the site (pro for straight ladies)
  • if there are no other members in your area you’ll have to travel on your dates
  • no mobile APP
Pricing Plans

There are two and a half kinds of membership on the OneNightFriend dating site. You can be a free member or a premium member. But you can also get an almost free 3-day-trial membership. That’ll unlock all the premium features, but only for the next 72 hours and it can be purchased only once.

Free services
When you log in as a free dating site user you can:
  • browse profiles of other members, but you can’t see their photos in the full size
  • add members to “Favorites”, so you can contact them when you decide to upgrade your membership
  • play in the “Like Gallery”
  • send 5 free messages
  • send unlimited “Winks” to any other user
Paid services
When you decide it’s the time to take casual dating seriously, you’ll upgrade your OneNightFriend membership and unlock:
  • unlimited chat with photos and videos (just imagine those naughty messages)
  • advanced filters in the manual search
  • sending the same message to more than 1 user at the time through “Flirtcast”
  • seeing full profiles of other members (the “Looking For” section and photos in full-size become visible)
Payment Methods

Credit cards are the only payment method you can use on OneNightFriend.

Expert’s Conclusion

I’ve joined OneNightFriend to test it, but I ended up having a lot of fun and meeting some interesting people in my area. From the moment I’ve seen their landing page, I knew that’ll be an amazing site to review if they can keep everything as simple. And they most certainly do. Registration is fast, the site works great on every device, members are respectful but naughty. That’s everything you can ask from a site for casual dating.


These are FAQs other members asked in the past, check them out.

Can I Send Messages at OneNightFriend for FREE?

Every free user gets only 5 messages, after that, you can’t send any before upgrading your membership.

How To Pass OneNightFriend Photo Verification?

Simply, don’t be naked or armed, and don’t look like you’re about to eat a bunch of adorable puppies.

How To Block Someone on

Visit their profile, tap on the icon with 3 vertical dots, tap “Block” and confirm it.

OneNightFriend is one of the best casual dating sites in the USA, this review showed you why. Now the ball is on your side, do you dare to have naughty fun online?

Dr. Diana Kirschner
Dr. Diana Kirschner
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