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MaturesForFuck is a hookup site for matures (and younger people who want to date them) that connects you with hundreds of thousands of mature people. Most of them live in the USA, so you can expect to get a hookup soon if you play your cards right.

7 Quick Facts About MaturesForFuck

  • more than 1 million members in the USA
  • more men than women on the site
  • 46% of members are over 45
  • hookups are the main goal of every user
  • registration is free
  • user-experience is great (design, usability, site speed, etc.)
  • 1-day-membership for $0,99 is available

About MaturesForFuck

InfraWeb Solutions Limited, registered in Hong Kong, manages members’ data and is responsible for the site. They own “group companies” who help them maintain the site and provide reliable service to their users. MaturesForFuck isn’t the only site under the mentioned company, but it’s the best for mature dating. Millions of people worldwide use it to stay in touch with their naughty pen-pals and their passionate lovers.

The community is still growing in the USA. It’s already above 1 million, which is great for you if you want to meet matures in person. Some members are satisfied just by chatting and exchanging videos, but when hookups are so easy to get, why stop chatting?

Member Structure
MaturesForFuck Member Structure

At the top of this review, you can find facts about MaturesForFuck, one of them is related to the average age of members on that dating site. Almost half (45%) of the singles there are over 45 years old. There are many younger men on the site as well; they are joining because MaturesForFuck is quickly becoming one of the best MILF dating sites. There are still more men than women on the site (68% to 32%), but that difference is melting every day. Surprise in the member structure of this site is hidden in the large number of younger female users. 7% of all members are ladies between 25 and 34; they’re probably looking for men who’ll show them nothing beats experience.

How do I join MaturesForFuck?

How to join MaturesForFuck

When you land on the MaturesForFuck home page, you’ll notice its simple design and even simpler “Registration form”. Joining this dating site won’t take more than a minute, then you’ll have to wait a couple of minutes to get your verification code via email. The whole process won’t take more than 10 minutes in the worst-case scenario.

You have to provide the following information while registering to MaturesForFuck:

  • your gender
  • the gender you’re looking for (anybody can join the site regardless of sexual orientation)
  • your age (the only rule is you have to be an adult to join, there is no upper age limit on this mature site)
  • your email (that’s where you’ll get a verification link)
  • your password (choose something strong, IWANTMILFS isn’t a strong password, for example)
  • your location (a default location will be provided if it isn’t correct. Change it because it will make arranging hookups much easier)

Hit “Join now” when you’re done. Refresh your email a couple of times, and when you see a message from MaturesForFuck, follow the verification link you’ll find inside.


MaturesForFuck could have all the hot mature in the universe on their site, but if the site looks bad and it’s hard to find features, they wouldn’t have many happy members. That’s why this dating site is using simplicity as a path to brilliance.

Profile Creation
MaturesForFuck Profile Creation

Profile creation on MaturesForFuck is almost as simple as the sign-up. When you verify your account, you’ll be able to upload your profile photo (discover some photo regulations at the end of a review). Then you should fill in basic and additional info on your profile because that will help the matchmaking algorithm to find you better matches. And people won’t think you’re a fake profile.

Basic info includes your body type, hair color, eye color, height, tattoos, and so on. In the “Additional info” section, you can show everybody what makes you special and why they should choose you to make them moan tonight.

Searching and Matchmaking
MaturesForFuck Searching and Matchmaking

Simple design and great usability don’t disappear after you create a profile. That’s when you’ll notice how easy it is to find potential matches and let them know you’re interested. The most popular way of matchmaking on MaturesForFuck is the “Like Gallery”.

You get a photo of other members to judge them. If you don’t like them, skip them. If you do, hit “Like,” and they’ll get a notification. That’s a good moment to say “Hi” in chat (especially if they like you back). Manual searching works great as well. Free users can use basic filters to browse profiles, but premium users can search for matches easily with numerous available filters.

Contacting Other Members

Reaching out to other MaturesForFuck members won’t be a problem for you if you’re ready to spend less than a dollar per day. That’s how much you’ll pay for 1-day-membership (the most expensive one when you look at the daily price). Before you do that, you’ll be a free member who can send only 5 free messages. Even the smoothest seducers can hardly get a hookup in 5 messages, but you can give it a try.

You can contact members who like you in the “Like Gallery” to ensure you’re chatting with somebody who likes you. Or you can test your luck and slide in the chat of somebody you find while browsing dating accounts.

Pros and Cons
  • there are some fake profiles (very easy to notice)
  • free membership doesn’t include unlimited chat
  • no mobile APP
  • a huge flirty community
  • extremely affordable membership (you can try it for $0,99)
  • a lot of members in the USA
  • great for casual mature dating between matures and younger members
Pricing Plans

You could read a couple of times in this review that MaturesForFuck is one of the best MILF dating sites because it offers a very affordable membership. That’s why most of their members get at least a 1-day-membership. When the difference between a free and premium plan is just $0,99, it makes no sense to torture yourself with free services.

Free services
Don’t get this review wrong; free services on this dating site are great, but you can’t send many messages as a free member. For free, you can:
  • register and create a profile
  • browse profiles in the “Like Gallery” and play a dating game
  • send 5 free messages
  • add members to “Favorites”
Paid services
The biggest difference between paid and free MaturesForFuck dating site membership is the unlimited chat. On top of that, you get:
  • unlimited sending and receiving of photos and videos in chat
  • “Flirtcast” - a special feature that lets you send the same message to more members at the time (advice: use it carefully because you may not have time to chat with everybody if they reply)
  • viewing photo albums of other members in full size
Payment Options

Direct debits or credit cards are the only 2 ways of paying for MaturesForFuck membership.

Expert’s Conclusion

Anyone who wants to meet flirty matures (or younger people looking for matures) should give MaturesForFuck a try. I love that its simplicity didn’t ruin its performance. That dating site is easy to use, so you’ll meet a lot of new people there. It could only be better if they unlock unlimited chat for free, but for $0,99 per day (or less) that’s not a problem for anybody who wants to fuck matures.

Can I Send Messages at MaturesForFuck for FREE?

Free membership limits you to only 5 free messages.

How to Pass MaturesForFuck Photo Verification?

MaturesForFuck is a hookup dating site, but you can’t use any explicit photos in your photo albums (you can send whatever you want in chat).

How to Block Someone on

Visit their profile, find 3 vertical dots, hit “Block”, and confirm you want to block that user.

MaturesForFuck is a dating site for casual dating that connects mature singles with people their age or younger people looking for mature partners. It’s focused on hookup dating, so you may skip it if you want a serious relationship.

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Dr. Diana Kirschner
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