Our Review of the Best Cougar Dating Apps in the USA 2020-2021

The USA has many cougars, and equally, there are various dating apps for them too. The sheer number of apps where one can find hot cougars may be overwhelming. Thus, we have tried to make your quest easy by hand-picking leading platforms that are reliable. Having tested them thoroughly helped us decide which ones to suggest to you. Take a look at the list below to learn more about services.


Benaughty.com is a dating website that hooks up singles and couples using a practical search engine. Messaging is quite easy, although some user profiles are incomplete. The site has a 5-star rating, with an app currently being unavailable.


Wantmatures.com is a hookup dating platform meant for mature males and females looking for dates and love. It has over 90 million members worldwide, and most are based in the UK, the USA, and Australia. Its rating is 5 stars. No app yet.


Cougarlife.com is a hookup dating platform where single guys can find cougars for casual sex. It consists of millions of members worldwide, with 4.9 million users in the USA alone. The rating for this platform is 3 stars. It has no app.


Ashleymadison.com is a dating platform designed to offer people an opportunity to get someone else in a relationship or marriage. The security is quite tight, and the platform has a 4.5-star rating. It has an app for iOS/Android devices.


This dating site is intended for cougars seeking younger males for fun and romantic relationships. Most of its users are located in the UK, the USA, and South Africa. The platform has a rating of 3 stars. No app is available.


Eharmony.com is a hookup dating site that is intended for singles seeking long-lasting relationships. It has been around for over 20 years, and its rating is 4 stars. It has an iOS/Android app.


This dating platform caters to single cougars and over 50 looking for a chance to find compatible partners. It has a vast userbase across the globe and is given a 3-star rating. An iOS/Android app is available.


This is a casual dating website with over 80 million users worldwide, most of them being male. The rating for this site is 3 stars. Members can use an iOS/Android app.


Elitesingles.com is a decent dating website to reach wealthy and educated cougars. The site provides free registration and a personality survey, and an app for iOS/Android devices is available. Overall, the rating for this platform is 4 stars.

Tinder logo

Tinder is a dating app that has millions of users globally. It has a unique feature where one can swipe left or right to like or dislike a member. The app has a 3.5 stars rating.

Choosing a Dating Site for Cougars

Selecting a platform for dating cougars is much like choosing any other hookup website or app. One has to look for the site (app) for cougars and read their reviews. It may not be an easy task, but at least we have narrowed down your search. Firstly, you have to decide if you will go for a free or premium account without assuming that the latter option is better than the former. You can search for available options and make sure you read dating reviews to know more about sites.

You can test several dating sites and apps before choosing the best. For starters, you can settle on three before you make your final decision. You must know that the process may be tedious, and you need to be patient and resilient. Find out what types of communication options are available on platforms for cougars. Check out the site's demographics to see if it is what you want and that you are in the right place. Please note that you also have the option of going for a niche website that specifically caters to relationships between cougars and young people. Not to mention, you need to be wary of fraud and scammers online.

Is It Possible to Find Love via Cougar Dating Apps?

Online hookups have taken over the conventional dating ways that used to exist back then. You will find that most people on these apps are mainly looking for love and friends. The ability to access a dating app from anywhere has made finding casual dates and lasting relationships much easier. Both cougars and young people benefit from this trend.

When a cougar has reached the point of creating a profile on a dating site and making it public, it means they are seriously in need of someone to love. In this case, it means that you stand a good chance of finding a suitable cougar match via these apps. New members are joining every day, and if you browse reviews of such platforms, you will surely find some success stories.

Stereotypes Regarding Cougar Dating

Cougar dating has become a trend in the modern world, with corresponding dating sites and apps emerging regularly. However, such women are regarded in various ways, some of which may be derogatory. They are perceived to be desperately aggressive in how they act in society. They strive to maintain a youthful appearance through exercise, makeup and plastic surgery. This leads them to be viewed as if they are clinging to youth desperately.

Cougars are usually wealthy and often give their young boyfriends treats and upkeep. They may be perceived as predators to young men since, in most cases, they do not hesitate to approach these men. They are financially independent, and thus they feel like they are in control of their life decisions. Cougars are not after making children but instead are interested in making themselves attractive and fulfilled sexually.

Cougars look for younger men with an age difference of anywhere above 8 years. They mostly want casual relationships and sexual encounters, and some of them are or used to be married. While dating, these women tend to control the relationship and expect it to work the way they want.

Only Young People Can Practice Online Dating

Both young and older people (including cougars) can indulge in dating, period. There are numerous dating sites and apps for seniors out there. These platforms are intended for older members of society, but you will often find younger people there too. Some people have undergone divorces, became widows or widowers, and some have never been married. All of them need someone with whom to experience casual encounters or spend their golden years. As they say, age is just a number, so do not be surprised to encounter a sixty-something-year-old person on any hookup site or app.

Flirting at Your Age May Be Inappropriate

Unless you are a minor, flirting knows no age. Older people, especially cougars, like to flirt, and they are very good at it as they are in no hurry to get laid. Young people also flirt a lot, but it often gets physical rather fast as they are almost always horny. Whenever people are chatting on a dating site or app, they are highly likely to begin flirting, and if all goes well, they may start a physical relationship. Cougar flirting is fun, and it makes people know each other better. It has been there for ages, but only now it can be done online.

Any Dating Site Will Suffice

People with varying relationship goals can join random dating sites, but they often are not efficient in fulfilling their desires. It all comes down to one's relationship goals, age, race, sexual inclination, and gender. If you are in the LGBTQ community, it is best to join a website meant for like-minded people. The same applies to age since if you are a cougar or an older man and have a desire to date, dating sites for seniors are the best option for you. You will encounter young people that want sugar daddies and mummies there too.


Finding a cougar to date or finding a partner while being one is easy if you join any one of the platforms mentioned here. It is only a matter of trying your luck on the dating site or app which is to your liking; you will certainly find someone special. In as much as cougars are viewed differently by society, it is sufficient to say that the trend has been embraced by many communities worldwide. After all, more and more older people are becoming more adventurous. Go ahead and register on a cougar dating site or app to see for yourself.

Is it safe to use cougar dating apps?

Cougar apps are safe as long as you keep an eye on scammers.

Are cougar dating apps worth my time?

Absolutely! People are getting partners each day; you wouldn't want to be left behind.

How can I find a friend on a cougar site?

Sending few messages via chat rooms should do the trick.

How do I start chatting with other members?

Simply saying hi may not cut it. Compliment on something you noticed on your partner's profile, and dialogue will ensue.